Shanna Christmas

Catch Shanna

Thursday at Liquid Laughs, 10:15 pm

Friday at The Olympic Venue, 8:15 pm

Shanna Christmas is a comedian and Las Vegas native who was born on Christmas Day. She has performed across North America, including Montreal and Edmonton in Canada.

You can see her backside on episode 5 of Amazon’s “Inside Jokes” cause she crashed JFL. Her festival appearances include the World Series of Comedy, Ventura Comedy Festival, Burbank Comedy Festival, Black Girl Giggles, Black Women In Comedy Festival (NY) and the Devil Cup Festival, where she took home the trophy in 2018.

Her style of comedy keeps audiences on edge due to her sweet and approachable looks, yet sharp, direct and salty humor. She’s adorable, but always bothered. She was once told by an audience member “You’re clever.”

Shanna Christmas