Marty DeRosa

Catch Marty

Friday at the Olympic Venue, Special Event: Unprofessional Wrestling, 10:30pm

With his quick wit and versatile voice, Marty DeRosa has blended his talent for stand up comedy and his love of pro wrestling to become a favorite of critics & comedy fans alike. From the day he put on his mom's bathing suit to dress like a pro wrestler, Marty has been making people laugh. 

As a founding member of Comedians You Should Know, the premier independently run stand up showcase in Chicago. DeRosa has had a #1 comedy album on itunes and has been recognized as an emerging talent by Time Out Chicago, Chicago Magazine & The Onion's AV Club.  Marty can be seen performing stand up all over the country unless there is a really important pro wrestling event going on. 

Marty also has two critically acclaimed podcasts, Marty & Sarah Love Wrestling & Wrestling With Depression. Both have loyal fanbases and have received numerous write-ups from both comedy and wrestling publications.