Kat Lizarraga

Catch Kat

Friday at Liquid Laughs, midnight

Saturday at The Balcony Club, 7:30 pm

Kat Lizarraga is a Los Angeles born, Boise-based comedian, laughing her way through awkward encounters and crying mostly in public places. She's a regular at Liquid Laughs, and has performed all over the state of Idaho and Denver, CO.

At some point, Kat started writing down everything she said that would make people laugh. Kind of like a journal if the objective wasn't to keep secrets but to remember whether or not friends were laughing at her, or with her. Now, with a notebook full of jokes, a bumbling set of hand gestures, and an inner voice that sounds like Dani De Veto, Kat found a way to share these unconventional stories.

Since the beginning of that notebook, Kat went from performing at unattended bar shows, to featuring for Emma Arnold, Sophie Hughes, and Nariko Ott.

Listen to Kat as she circles back her self-deprecating stories in somehow relatable fashion, leading audiences with her through every grimacing turn. And if it fails, at least she thought it was funny.

Kat Lizarraga