Joe Carl Abousakher has been performing stand up comedy since 2010 and he really hates writing these blurbs about himself. Some would say he’s too dashing to be a comic, but his obese childhood would say otherwise.

He grew up in a multi-cultural household (half Palestinian-Arab, half Country Bumpkin-White) in the middle of nowhere (McEwen), Tennessee. He raised sheep and chickens there. He killed a lot of those sheep (for food, not fun), and ate all the unborn babies of those chickens (eggs). Does that sound weird? Screw you, dude. You're weird.

He was a semifinalist on NBC's Stand Up Diversity Showcase in 2016, and a finalist in the 2017 Funniest Comic in LA Contest. He loves performing all around Southern California, but he'd love to travel the country to perform for YOU! (That "YOU" was too much, right?)

He’s married, he has a step-daughter, and he’s only 29 years old (as of Jan, 2017). Also, he's a big Tennessee Titans fan. So - YEAH - he can be on edge sometimes, but he still loves you. (There were way too many parenthesis in this bio.) (Wait, you're supposed to put the punctuation on the outside of the parenthesis, aren't you)?

(Well that doesn't look right at all!)!