Emmett Montgomery

Catch Emmett

Friday at Liquid Laughs, midnight

Saturday at Even Stevens, 9pm

Sunday at Liquid Laughs, 8pm

Emmett Montgomery is a comedian/storyteller who was made in Utah but has lived in Seattle for most of the 21st century and been failing beautifully on and off the stage for over a decade and a half. When he is not wandering the country telling jokes and falling in love with America, he produces local shows that focus on building community, pushing the limits of what it means to be a performer and celebrating the unique beauty of the city he lives in (Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery, The Magic Hat), and works with organizations like the Bushwick Book Club (a collective of musicians that creates original works based on books) and 3-2-1 Battle! (An indecent wrestling promotion and wrestling school) and sometimes he wears footie pajamas with Santa Claus faces for feet and educates audience about the joyful cosmic horror of Christmas as Sugar Plum Gary. Emmett was part of the top 100 in NBC’s Last Comic Standing Season 9 (2015) and has been voted Seattle Weekly's best comedian twice (2015, 2017) He performs at festivals across the country including the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Sasquatch Music Festival and the Women In Comedy Festival and can be heard on podcasts like Risk!, (stories) Put Your Hands Together (jokes) and Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction (gross.) Mr. Montgomery has a lot of hope in his heart, he also has a lot of nightmares, he Likes to share both those things. 

Emmett Montgomery