Dominic del bene


Catch Dominic Friday afternoon at the Industry Panel - 4pm Liquid Laughs

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Dominic Del Bene is a Bay Area native who spent his 20s producing and releasing rap records and his 30s producing and releasing stand-up comedy albums, specials and live events. Having worked for Rooftop Comedy and for the last decade, Del Bene has recently brought his production experience and talents to the town of Petaluma where he resides, founding his own company, Blonde Medicine, in early 2018. In August of this year, he launched a new comedy festival, the Pet-A-Llama Comedy Festival and he continues to work with comedians on albums, specials and live shows. When he’s not producing and releasing stand-up comedy, he’s hosting a radio show on Petaluma’s Community Radio Station, KPCA, or hanging out with his family.