Chey Bell

Catch Chey

Friday at The Balcony Club, 7:30 pm

Saturday at Liquid Laughs, 8 pm

Chey Bell is a bisexual comedian who's brutally honest and uniquely clever. Often confounded by stupidity she questions everything from homophobia, the war on drugs and the absurdity of self-doubt. Her comedy mirrors life experiences and self-discovery, touching on everything from family, coworkers, sexuality to misspelled tattoos. Chey's energetic stage presence is engaging, silly, fearless and direct, just like her!

Performances: 2019 HBO Women in Comedy Festival, The Comedy Store, Laff Factory, Punch Line, NY Comedy Club, and more. Chey has also featured for comedian Rachele Feinstein, Laurie Martin and has worked with Judah Friedlander and Fazon Love.

Chey Bell