Aaron Urist

Catch Aaron

Thursday at Liquid Laughs, 10:15 pm

Saturday at The Olympic Venue, 10:30 pm

Aaron Urist is an American stand up comedian, comedy writer, and all around nice jewish boy. He sure is pleased to meet you! And may he say you look very nice today. Based out of Denver, Colorado, he’s gained a reputation nationally for being undeniably hilarious, devastatingly handsome, and also sort of smart sometimes. At his home club, Denver’s internationally renowned Comedy Works, he was the fastest ever comic to make the paid professional roster.

In 2016 he made his Television standup debut on VICELAND’s Flophouse. He’s the co-creator and co-host of the landmark Denver show Power Move: Comedy in Action, a standup show that donates its proceeds to a rotating cast of important causes and organizations. He is a regular featured performer on Denver’s High Plains Comedy Festival, and has been featured on numerous other festivals. He is a frequent feature on the road for comedy standouts such as Todd Barry, Josh Blue, and the Sklar Brothers He has opened for many of the finest comics working anywhere, like Dave Chappelle, Anthony Jeselnik, Janeane Garofolo, Dave Attell, and countless others. He can be found performing his ‘art’ at comedy clubs, theaters, independent venues, and pizza parlors across the USA.

Aaron Urist